Taiwan’s Visitors’ Centre Pays Homage to Nature

February 22, 2011 / No Comments

Integrating nature, literally, with the architectural marvels, that is what could be seen at the Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan. No wonder, how it won the first prize winner of the New Taiwan International Competition called the “Landform Series,” which challenged architects to design buildings integrating nature.

green pack1 Taiwan’s Visitors’ Centre Pays Homage to Nature

The complex, which features the visitor center (the Hsiangshan center), adjacent to the Sun Moon Lake, comprises the offices of the tourist board as well as a public information center for tourists. The unique design is conceived by Norihiko Dan and Associates.

This green-roofed visitors center are built in such a way that it appears to unfold in a series of aerodynamic edges that rise and swoop, that too pointing towards the nearby lake.

The design is indeed a challenging one, as you see. As mentioned above, it looks more or less like the foothills of a mountain, gently rising and sloping upwards from the surrounding area. The structural complex is no doubt, the perfect tribute to the ailing nature of the present era.

(Via Inhabitat)