How valuable is the Earth? Priciest at 5 Quadrillion Dollars!

March 4, 2011 / No Comments

Here comes an astrophysicist with a price tag for our home planet. Greg Laughlin, assistant astronomy and astrophysics professor from the University of California, Santa Cruz, has developed a special formula for determining how much the heavenly bodies in the universe are worth. According to this calculation valuing the planets, Earth has become the priciest one in the whole solar system accounting for 5 quadrillion dollars, quite an amazing figure.

earth valued How valuable is the Earth? Priciest at 5 Quadrillion Dollars!

It has been learnt that the admittedly less-than-scientific calculation is made by taking certain factors into consideration such as a planet’s size, mass, temperature, age, etc. to arrive at a price.

The Earth, enjoying the most expensive price tag is a surprise in itself, considering the condition of the planet, especially those of the miserable aspects associated with the mankind.

Here are our neighbors, Mars, accounting for an amount of $16,000 as well as Venus which is valued at about a penny.

According to Laughlin, the inference is an outcome of a quantitative rule of thumb for determining the relative observational value of the extra solar planets that are being discovered.

He also opined that the formula makes us realize just how precious Earth is and it will help us as a society safeguard what we have.

Let’s hope for the same and formulate new strategies for saving our one and only home planet.

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