Qatar to Hoist Artificial Clouds for 2022 World Cup

March 28, 2011 / 1 Comment

This is what we call the ultimate in green technology. Qatar has come up with an odd new idea to beat the heat during the 2022 World Cup. Scientists and engineers at Qatar University have developed a solar-powered gas-filled cloud, which will be used to provide shade to the spectators and athletes from the sun. Appears to be a cool innovation, in all  sense, right?

Artificial Cloud to Cool Off Stadiums Qatar to Hoist Artificial Clouds for 2022 World Cup

The artificial clouds work this: They can be positioned over any of the stadiums in Qatar and can be maneuvered with a remote control from the ground to keep the heat from the sun away. The clouds would be made from a lightweight carbon structure.

This frame will surround an enclosed blimp-like vehicle. It will be filled with helium gas. The clouds would fly at very high altitudes therefore blocking out direct and indirect rays from the sun. This in turn will decrease temperatures inside the stadium.

The clouds make use of the solar energy. Designed to be powered by four solar-powered engines, they will be able to follow the sun’s east to west trajectory as well, thereby acquiring energy and blocking the rays from reaching the ground.

Eleven full years remain for the 2022 World Cup to get underway. That means there is plenty of time for the transition of these mechanical clouds from its design phase to its original desired form and fly in the sky of Qatar.

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  • jimm / April 3, 2011 at 7:41 am

    Even though it is powered by solar energy it is still an expensive way to provide shade and reduce heat. Isn’t there a cheaper alternative?

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