Live on Water in this Eco Floating House

April 21, 2011 / No Comments

If the low lying roofs and basic living conditions were the reasons dragging you from choosing a houseboat to live in, here is the perfect solution. The one you see in the picture alongside is absolutely not a traditional houseboat you have seen so far. It is just a house which floats.

ecofloatt2 Live on Water in this Eco Floating House

The house features a spacious bedroom with sliding glass doors. The model suite, beached on land overlooked a water fountain, which gives it a slight nautical feel.

The house with a green roof made of sedum mats is, no doubt, a matter for us to talk about here! The boat has 18 inches below the water with a steel hull ensuring safety even in stormy weather conditions.

The best part of this houseboat is that it is not motor-driven. There are numerous possibilities to make the venture a ‘green’ one. The floating house opens up vast energy-saving options like solar heating, photo galvanic cladding, wind turbines, waste water treatment.

eco float Live on Water in this Eco Floating House

The designers said that the ‘eco-float’ is part of their mission to enhance the countryside and deliver maximum comfort with minimum energy bills and a small carbon footprint.

With seven already sold, the designers expect more orders soon. Stay tuned to know more about such eco-friendly innovations.

(Via Treehugger)


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