516-kW Solar Array at Detroit-Hamtramck for Chevy Volts

May 13, 2011 / No Comments

Chevy Volts have already become a hot topic for discussion as part of the ongoing EV revolution.  The car has again hit headlines as General Motors has announced that they will install a 516-kilowatt solar array at Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant jointly with DTE Energy. As you know, Detroit-Hamtramck is the home of the Chevrolet Volt electric car.

solararrays 516 kW Solar Array at Detroit Hamtramck for Chevy Volts

The project is aimed at reducing energy consumption by combining solar power with ongoing efficiency tactics such as lighting, equipment upgrades and automated equipment shut-down.

Estimated to charge around 150 electric vehicles, the project is expected to be completed by the summer. If materialized the 264,000-square-foot project will become the largest photovoltaic solar array in Southeast Michigan.

The array also facilitates a number of other green features too. The proposed installations of an oxidizer will considerably the amount of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide released into the atmosphere. Besides, efficient lighting upgrades and other energy efficiency projects will save the plant nearly $3 million per year in energy costs.

The proposal has been envisaged as part of the DTE Energy’s SolarCurrents project, which aims at installing adequate number of photovoltaic systems throughout southeast Michigan to generate at least 15 megawatts of electricity. Adhering to this policy, DTE is reported to have invested $3 million into the array at Detroit-Hamtramck.

GM has also been in the green path for the past couple of years. No wonder, it is one of the leading users of renewable energy in the manufacturing sector effectively utilizing solar, hydro, and landfill gas resources. In the United States alone, 1.4 percent of GM’s energy consumption comes from renewable resources.

Though it has been said that Detroit-Hamtramck facility was chosen owing to the availability of space, isn’t it also because of the fact that it is home to the Volt?  Whatever it be, the new project is, no doubt, a matter of joy for the green lovers around the globe.

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