Pepsi Adds Green to Business with Recyclable Cups

May 18, 2011 / No Comments

Did you notice PepsiCo is going greener? The company has announced options of recyclable cups in the US. Five options of the cups are now offered through Pepsi’s own independent bottler distribution network. The new set of offerings is a major step from the popular beverage company as there is an increasing awareness and concern about ecological ill effects of merchandises among college and university students, it is believed.

pepsicup Pepsi Adds Green to Business with Recyclable Cups

The fresh offerings from PepsiCo will feature fully recyclable plastic cups including rPET cups containing 20 percent post-consumer recycled content. Also available are compostable paper cups and wax cups made with plant-based materials acquired from sustainable managed forests.

The fountain cup portfolio mix allows customers, such as restaurants, stadiums and theme parks, and colleges and universities, to choose their green cups based on the available recycling or composting disposal facility in their localities.

Pepsi has also made the cups catchy with eye catching green images on them. Stating their environment significance, the company has included captions that scream “Wow, Our Cups are Fully Recyclable” or similar messages related to manufacturing materials used.

With Pepsi going green, how many cups are you bringing home?

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