Jerko Eco-Friendly Houseboat Represents Super Duper Eco Design

May 19, 2011 / No Comments

The Gowanus Canal in New York is an extremely polluted one. Now what has made it resurrect from its plight (to some extend) is the presence of the new eco-friendly house boat called the “Jerko”. The structure, as a whole is in fact, an energy efficient machine, says the occupant of the houseboat Adam Katzman. His environmental concerns have been reflected on this innovative floating house.

Jerko Jerko Eco Friendly Houseboat Represents Super Duper Eco Design

Katzman has actually bought the boat from a family who lived on it for only $1. With his houseboat, he can generate his own energy and water. The solar panels installed on the roof of the boat produce 350-watt of energy. According to Katzman, the energy thus produced is enough for the daily life.

Since solar energy is converted to produce power here, the cloudy and stormy days make the occupant run out of enough energy to meet his needs. And in case of water, a rain collecting system has been installed and is connected to a water filter. This facility helps in generating running water and is enough in providing water for one or two people per day.

A parabolic solar cooker serves the purpose of cooking. An interior living garden system has been arranged, where he grows vegetables and herbs. Along with this, a floating garden has also been included. Not to mention a “humanure” toilet by which he composts his own waste. Altogether, Jerko is an exemplary green design in all its aspects.

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