Japan All Set to Unveil Sunrise Plan at G8 Summit in France

May 25, 2011 / No Comments

It seems Japan is not willing to give up its reputation as one of the top users of solar energy in the world. To cite a recent example, it is all set to unveil its “Sunrise Plan” this week at the G8 summit in France. The project aims at installing solar panels in all Japan’s new homes and buildings by 2030.

solar panels roof house  Japan All Set to Unveil Sunrise Plan at G8 Summit in France

The recent closure of the Hamaoka nuclear power plant and the ongoing repair work at the tsunami- hit Fukushima plant has made the island nation to revise its set strategy of nuclear expansion. Now, the focus has been re-directed towards ‘green energy sources’ in order to regain the solar leadership that it lost to Europe some years ago.

Naoto Kan, the prime minister, is expected to confirm the “Sunrise Plan” initiative in a statement on the nation’s energy policy at the forthcoming Group of Eight Summit opening this week in France.

It could be seen as part of highlighting the nation’s future efforts to boost the use of renewable energy sources; especially in the wake of recent nuclear threat in Japan followed by the disastrous Tsunami.

Besides the ‘Sunrise Plan’, the Japanese government has also initiated some other green projects like the one, which targets at the use of solar power energy in 12,000 schools as part of its School New Deal. A company called company Kyocera Corporation has already installed solar panels in over 1,200 establishments.

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