Luce Laptop Features Light-as-Air Form Factor; Solar Powered Device

June 2, 2011 / No Comments

This exceptional design makes the light-as-air form factor laptop concept a reality. Andrea Ponti’s Luce Laptop is the latest entry in the range of solar-powered devices. The device is made of polycarbonate and is incorporated with two photovoltaic panels. The panel drapes both the cover part and keyboard of the device.

Luce Laptop solar Luce Laptop Features Light as Air Form Factor; Solar Powered Device

The product has been designed in such a way that it allows sunlight to shine straight through the case to the solar panels embedded within. This helps in generating electricity for on-the-go computing. The design stands ahead and apart as an exemplary one which has successfully integrated the photovoltaic panels in a compact and pretty way.

As we all know, a majority of the solar-powered devices available in the market are of the conventional designs that come altogether as a lump of chargers, wires and bulky batteries. Well, it is the highlight feature of the Luce laptop that it comes in a model contrary to the typical old designs.

It should also be noticed that the model is aesthetically appealing as well. It is perhaps the first among the entire lot of solar devices to carry a cool design.

And the eco element of the model-powered by solar energy definitely makes it a product worth buying. Also the area of solar energy technology has been experiencing advancements; we expect some manufacturer to take the design to the public.

(Via Inhabitat)

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