Hatsuden-Nabe Charges USB Gadgets Using Excess Heat

June 22, 2011 / No Comments

Obviously, most of us might have experienced difficulties in charging our USB gadgets at times, say for example, when the power supply is cut. Here comes the perfect solution. TES New Energy Corporation has come up with a product named Hatsuden-Nabe, which enables you to charge your gadgets in an unconventional way.

hatsuden nabe Hatsuden Nabe Charges USB Gadgets Using Excess Heat

It is just a pot with a USB port. However, it can convert the heat that would normally be wasted into power that you can use to charge your cell phone or other such USB gadgets. It takes only 3-5 hours to charge your iPhone. So, there is no need to worry if you happen to be in areas with no power; provided you have a Hatsuden-Nabe with you. Let’s check in detail how it works.

Normally, the flames can reach 900°F of which just 212°F are actually required to boil the water in the pot. The rest of the heat is converted to electric power through a thermoelectric module attached.

Thermo Electric Systems and New Energy popularly known as TES New Energy Corporation is a Japanese company aimed at creating clean energy for incinerators, process plant, industrial furnaces, shipping, fueled vehicles, cookers/water-heaters, ubiquitous machinery etc. Further, it provides emergency or back-up energy and even utilizes geothermal energy. No wonder, it contributes a lot in expanding renewable energy and reducing carbon-dioxide levels worldwide

The 16cm pot costs $280 and has already hit the markets in Japan.

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