Velomobile Human-Powered Vehicle is a Totally Green and Healthy Option [Video]

July 15, 2011 / No Comments

There isn’t any doubt over the fact that a bike is the best option to roam around your neighborhood. It’s eco-friendly and healthy too. But what if the weather is not on your side?  On a rainy or snowy day, if you would still want to roam around in an economic, eco friendly and healthy way without opting for your car, here’s a solution. The new three-wheeler Velomobile is here.

velomobile Velomobile Human Powered Vehicle is a Totally Green and Healthy Option [Video]

The human-powered vehicle is a one seated bike that combines eco friendliness with the comfort of a car. It’s completely green and cheap, because it’s totally human-run.

Velomobile is unique and easy to use vehicle for commuters who would like to commute daily around 10-15 miles. Its seating is comfortable than a bicycle and has enough space for carrying basic stuff. The body has been built as aerodynamically streamlined so that it can gain speed which normal bikes find difficult.

A perfectly balanced body with three interesting wheels can help in taking a complete U-turn without any equilibrium deflection too. The mechanism employed is as simple as a bicycle. It has a pedal, steering equipped with disc brakes, and gear. Other features include strong headlights, odometer, and indicators. It also sports a bicycle bell and a car horn for use whenever necessary.

The only limitation we see is when the Velomobile traverses a steep slanting. You would have to put in more effort and that could add physical strain. But worry not. The Velomobile is getting upgraded to an electric vehicle. It will then provide easy commuting for elders at low cost and easy/cheap option of recharging at home.

The best part could be that it won’t need a license, maintenance and large parking space. And, it is truly green. Will you choose one when it comes to your neighborhood?

Watch the video posted below courtesy of Fair Companies, and we are sure you will want one.