Toyota Prius-Inspired Bicycle Gets Set to Hit the Road

July 20, 2011 / No Comments

Toyota is already on an electric high thanks to their Prius model. The Japanese giant now has its name associated with a more greener mode of transport  – the bicycle. Toyota, for its Prius Project No. 011, has contacted one of the best reputed brand in bicycle production, Parlee Cycles.

Toyota Prius inspired bicycle 1 Toyota Prius Inspired Bicycle Gets Set to Hit the Road

Ten weeks after the talks, we have the Prius-inspired bicycle raring to take the street. We hear that countless hours have been dedicated to make this unique and eye-catching prototype.

It sure is one-of-a-kind, with the model offering the option of changing gears using your brain via a special helmet (brain wave technology) that has been created by Deeplocal Studio.

Indeed, as far as we judge, tons of hard work has gone into the designing, developing and perfecting the monocoque carbon-fiber bicycle.

This concept cycle will be one of the debutants under the Toyota Prius project and has been christened PXP. Toyota feels this exciting concept bike is “a purpose-built machine that blends simplicity with the complex to become a better, more efficient version of itself.”

The light weight PXP will soon be tested for power and maneuverability after a little more trials.

At present, the PXP will be able to operate via a smartphone, till the brain wave technology is wholly weathered and incorporated with it.