Schneider Electric Charging Stations Ready

August 4, 2011 / No Comments

Schneider Electric is ready with their new charging systems that are more of outdoor charging stations. The devices that can either be wall or pedestal-mounted were first revealed at Raleigh, NC during last year’s Plug-In Conference.

schneider1 Schneider Electric Charging Stations Ready

The pedestal version equips two J1772 ports, ideal for fleet owners.  The indoor version that sells for less than $1,000, had debuted last February. Both systems are UL approved.

If you head for the company’s website, you will be directed to a certified contractor nationwide. If you choose Schneider’s certified contractors or EcoXperts to do the installation, you will be able to avail 24 months warranty on both indoor and outdoor units. You can also go in for an external contractor for fitting with the warranty period reduced by 6 months.

Industry expectations point at eighty percent of EV owners gearing up to have home charging systems. Schneider is also introducing at-work charging. Public charging is another option for apartment dwellers.

These apart, a third EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) is also ready at Schneider. This will be a DC quick charger, which is now available in Europe. The prototype apparatus hasn’t yet received UL approval in the US.

Schneider hopes to see some decent changes in EV charging sector by 2012.