Vivien Muller’s Bonsai Electree Up for Pre-Order

September 21, 2011 / No Comments

Have you ever come across this amazing solar energy cultivating Electree before? If you haven’t, let’s show it to you. Vivien Muller has come up with a polished model of the Electree and has put it up for pre-order. This amazing Bonsai tree design also works as a solar charger for your devices.

electree 2 Vivien Muller’s Bonsai Electree Up for Pre OrderOn the design side the Electree has 27 solar panel “leaves,” which forms the functioning and artistic part of the artifact. Muller has been honing her previous design for almost 3 years.


The new concept is distinguished from the older solar bonsai tree by its color. A smooth white shade replaces the silver covering of branches.

The new Electree can be mistaken for porcelain, with 27 violet high quality amorphous silicon solar panels sprouting like leaves from it. The tree is supported by a flat tray, which can be used for holding the devices while they charge. It goes with any side table as an amazing interior design addition.

Another notable fact of the Electree’s brilliant design is that it can be maneuvered into different shapes – like rotating it to fit a shallow window sill.

electree 1 Vivien Muller’s Bonsai Electree Up for Pre Order

The Electree is, in fact, like a tree – it harvests sun’s rays into energy. The only difference here is that it converts sunlight into power for your device unlike in real trees.

This beautiful solar panel tree is available for around $400 from Mister Ecologie and One Development & Consulting. They also offer to send you pieces before the winter holidays if 400 Electrees are pre-ordered before October 15th.

What are you waiting for? Pre-order the Electree here.