Din Against Clipping Green Wings

October 25, 2011 / No Comments

There is no disputing the paramount importance of road safety. But putting unnecessary brakes on eco-friendly modes of transportation like bicycles is inviting head-on collisions. Like the one now going on in Hull, Wisconsin.

Wisconsin town considering limits on walking biking 1 Din Against Clipping Green Wings

A dust-up in the town of Hull shows that not everyone agrees that cars and pedal-powered two wheelers should share the pavement.

The Hull town public safety committee is debating a draft ordinance that would force groups of people who want to bike, run or walk on town roads to register their routes and plans beforehand; otherwise they will be banned from the public streets in the interest of safety.

This move has triggered uproar, with many terming the ordinance as illegal. People think the safety reasoning is suspicious as there has been no recorded incident of a crash with a bike or pedestrian since 2008.

It is being pointed out that authorities should not have thought about limiting eco friendly transportation options. Let’s wait to see how the authorities tackle a possible mass movement in Wisconsin.