E-volo All-Electric, Manned Copter Makes First Flight [Video]

November 4, 2011 / No Comments

Today’s prototypes might be the popular technology of tomorrow. One of such promising innovations is the E-volo, an unconventional multi-copter technology that has evolved of late. This all-electric flying technology apparently has a potential future.The sixteen-propeller machine was flagged off for its first ever manned flight in Germany earlier this week.

e volo mulitcopter1.jpg. E volo All Electric, Manned Copter Makes First Flight [Video]

This brand new machine hovered over the field and flew above ground for about a minute-and-a-half before touching the earth again. The maker touts this human carrying E-volo multicopter as an ultra-light technology, which can start off vertically.

Outwards, it looks like a bunch of flying blender blades and an exercise ball, which is a simple take on the intricate technology behind it.

E-volo appears to be more low-maintenance than a conventional helicopter.

It is devoid of any blades above, so as to block the potential parachute deployment during emergency situations.

Additionally, the 16 propeller machinery allows the vehicle to take off and land similar to a helicopter. The company added that they have tried to avoid much of the complicated mechanics and redundant engines, like in an usual copter.

E-volo is capable of landing safely even when four of its 16 motors fail. The multicopter power system is also very cost efficient, using only 6 euros equivalent of electricity stored in lithium batteries for a hypothetical one-hour flight. The company hopes to improve their machine in future with a more long-lived batteries or hybrid systems.

We certainly hope this new electric powered copter to come to the public commuting sector in future.