British Shoppers Throw Away 10% of Groceries Shopped Every Week

November 15, 2011 / No Comments

In the present world, starvation and food scarcity are constant features one tends to ignore. As if adding to the woes, a shocking fact about the people of the UK has been revealed! It has been found that 10% of the shopped groceries are being thrown away by an average British buyer every week. It is really hard to believe such a thing happen even in a nation that is known for its educated and aware citizens.

foodwaste1 British Shoppers Throw Away 10% of Groceries Shopped Every Week

A survey conducted among the British people showed 8% of the people agree that they throw away a quarter of the food they buy regularly.  According to the new research, about 46% of the people are unaware of handling the storage of the food. While another 67% of them say that they buy things they want spontaneously without planning or by making a list of things to be bought.

The survey results show that about 50 Euros can be saved by households in a month and about 12 billion Euros a year by the people altogether. This huge amount of money could be used to serve millions of poor people dying of starvation around the globe!

This revelation follows the shocking fact which said that half of all globally produced food items go uneaten!

Food is not to be wasted, every morsel you dump could prove of help to the needy. Give it a thought.

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