Solar Projectors to Aid Education in Developing Countries

December 14, 2011 / No Comments

A group of scientists, from the University of Southampton, have recently developed a solar powered projector, to give students in developing countries, access to modern teaching facilities. Students in many parts of the world are denied quality education in science and technology for the lack of proper learning accessories, which require electricity to function. In rural areas, where electricity is difficult to afford, such equipment is of no use.

classroom Solar Projectors to Aid Education in Developing Countries

Right at the moment, lack of electricity is the main hindrance for implementation of power-driven enhanced teaching aids in developing countries. With the discovery of solar-driven projectors, this problem is solved to a great extend.

A solar projector which can work anywhere under sun is an ideal solution to problems posed by developing nations. Thanks to Professor Tony Rest and Keith Wilkinson, for giving wings to the dreams of millions of poor students.

Professor Rest said:

“The lack of electricity is a particularly serious matter for rural schools and solar energy generators have become available at cost-effective prices and provide a sustainable answer to developing countries.”

Solar projector is an eco-friendly option and its adoption could be seen as a huge step taken to save the environment. A conventional projector utilizes 200-300 Watts of power, when solar projectors require only 50 watts. Hence, it is energy efficient too!

The most difficult part is implementation of the technology in a practical manner, which demands creativity, from engineers, designers, and philanthropic organizations. The implementation part, if nicely done, will make the project a grand success!

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