Looks Like Santa Could Use An Environmental Upgrade

December 22, 2011 / No Comments

santas carbon footprint 300x147 Looks Like Santa Could Use An Environmental UpgradeLet’s face it – Santa’s been doing his thing for a long time.

Like many long-standing operations, his processes could probably do with a bit of updating to bring him into the modern world – and decrease his carbon footprint.

Ethical Ocean put together this infographic that takes the traditional view of Santa and dissects just how much of an effect the jolly old elf has on the environment. That hole in the ozone isn’t going to fix itself, now, is it?

For starters, his “workshop.” To produce the amount of toys he needs to, it’s probably the same size as a large Nike factory. Unless it functions by some sort of elf magic, it would likely produce 983,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide. Then, there’s all the bad boys and girls, who get a total of about 75,000 pounds of coal. Hasn’t Santa heard that coal mining is stripping the land bare?

Let’s not be too hard on the fellow, still. He started doing all this long before any of us knew the harmful effects of these practices. So Ethical Ocean politely suggests some upgrades, including a redesigned, more aerodynamic sleigh that operates on sodium batteries instead of methane-emitting reindeer.

Another benefit to that sleigh: No more reindeer poop to clean off your roof.

carbon footprint santa infographic Looks Like Santa Could Use An Environmental Upgrade

via Ethical Ocean