Finding Real Food Is Harder Than It Should Be

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classicNovbox 0201 1 200x300 Finding Real Food Is Harder Than It Should BeIn the supermarket, there’s more choices for snacks than some stores in other countries have for all food combined.

I’m not just talking about so-called “Third World” countries, where people live daily in hunger and poverty; I’m talking about countries such as Italy, Canada, Australia – Westernized nations, all, where a trip to the grocery store is a decidedly less insane affair than going to ShopRite, Wegman’s or Albertsons in the United States.

I’ve stood in front of the snack selections, wanting to buy something to nibble on that isn’t going to pack on the pounds practically before I put it in my mouth. So it was with interest that I read about startup Lollihop, a subscription mail-order snack company.

Co-founded by Suzanne Xie and Tamara Lucero-Rajaram (who has an M.D. from Northwestern University), the company operates from a simple premise: Americans snack. To pretend otherwise is just silly. So they strive to work within the system, so to speak, by finding the snack foods made from the most healthful ingredients, consulting with nutritionists and making sure they also taste good. They put ’em together in a box and ship them out monthly to subscribers.

At this point, there are only two options each month: The standard box and the vegan box. Most of the snacks are organic, and all of them are healthful. Each month has a theme for the boxes, too – January is “Being Lean,” as it seems all of America goes on a post-holiday diet and exercise binge; while February is “Heart Healthy,” in honor of Feb. 14.

Goals for the future include the ability to personalize the snack boxes for individual customers and further launching into all nonperishable food products, not just snack-type foods.

Xie said she’s found people have a hard time eating healthy, and the idea behind the company is to make it fun and accessible. People want to maintain a healthy diet, figure out what fits into it and learn how to eat better, she said. Lollihop is striving to help on all three fronts.

Seeing the below infographic from EcoMom made me realize just how right she was about how difficult it can be to eat healthy. I had no idea that 70 percent of the food in the average supermarket contained genetically modified organisms. And while not every genetic modification is necessarily bad, all the growth hormones and cannibal cows and the like just can’t be good.

I especially like the realistic way Lollihop approaches its business: We do all snack. That’s not going to stop, so why not help make those snacks fit in with a healthy lifestyle?


Infographic Real Food Finding Real Food Is Harder Than It Should Be

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