Maldives Stays on the Brink; Looks at Moving Homeland Down Under

January 9, 2012 / No Comments

Picture this! Mohammed Nasheed, the President of the precariously placedislandofMaldives, has announced that he is considering moving his entire country to Australia before the island nation disappears beneath the rising waves!

Maldives Capital Maldives Stays on the Brink; Looks at Moving Homeland Down Under

Sea level rise is one of the most significant impacts of climate change, and the Maldives is among the most vulnerable countries. Its 1,200 island fragments average only about five feet above sea level, and the country’s president has been trying to bring his country’s plight to international attention.

Two years ago, just before the big climate summit in Copenhagen, Nasheed staged a world-class publicity stunt by holding a meeting of his cabinet six feet underwater, to “let the world know what… will happen to the Maldives, if climate change is not checked“.

Nasheed said then, that at best theMaldiveshad only fifty to seventy years before rising seas threatened the country’s existence. And the prospects have only gotten worse since then.

Five years ago, a UN climate report forecast a possibility of two feet of sea level rise by the year 2100. Now many scientists are predicting an even more dramatic rise.

The Maldives in the Indian Ocean known as the “last paradise”, but global warming is making this paradise island a “lost Paradise”.

Nasheed said the government of Maldives will be raking in more than $10 billion in annual tourist revenue and a part of it will be go to the “Sovereign Wealth Fund” for the purchase of a new homeland.

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