Sears-Evatran Combo to Provide Wireless Charging Stations to Homes

January 16, 2012 / No Comments

Evatran, a producer of wireless charging systems for electric vehicles, has signed an installation agreement with Sears Home Services that will make it easy for owners of electric cars to charge them at home. Sears Home Services, the installation arm of Sears Holdings, will install Evatran’s Plugless Power system in homes and commercial sites.

evatran Sears Evatran Combo to Provide Wireless Charging Stations to Homes

Benefits offered to Plugless Power customers through the agreement include Simplified Purchasing, Pre-Installation Site Visits, Timely Installation, and Convenient Additional Services.

Sears installation network technicians will be trained and certified on the wireless charging systems and will work with Evatran to structure a comprehensive launch plan for aftermarket systems throughout 2012.

Product offerings will initially focus on Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf models but will quickly expand to include additional electric vehicles. Installation will be offered with the sale of each Plugless Power system and priced based on the customer’s home and current electrical service. Sears will also offer commercial installation for electric vehicle fleet owners and managers.

Evatran technology is based on electromagnetic induction, a process by which voltage is created by a conductor moving through a magnetic field. In fact, all electric motors are based around it but Evatran has tweaked it to work as a new EV charging technology.

The company says the process is as simple as pulling up to a fixed charging station. From there, the vehicle charging begins automatically. There’s no cord and no plug to deal with and it is indeed a convenience that Evatran thinks is needed for the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.