America’s Losing War Against Obesity

January 22, 2012 / No Comments

It’s no secret that Americans are getting fatter by the year.obesity 300x259 Americas Losing War Against Obesity

Much of the fault can be found on their plates.

Portion sizes have been growing out of control and it’s rare that anyone even knows how much a real “portion” is anymore.

For example: Did you know that one FDA-recommended serving of fish or meat is 3 ounces? That’s the equivalent of a deck of playing cards. Now find me a restaurant that serves portions that size. For that matter, find me a house where the portions are that size.

The old-fashioned, “There are starving children around the world” guilt trip many American parents have laid on their children for decades also has encouraged Americans to try to eat what’s on their plate – even if it’s too much. And processed foods have larger portions now than they did 30 years ago.

A person, all other conditions being equal, will eat more food, the more that’s on his plate. Serve him a 500-gram portion, he’ll eat, on average, 335 grams. Serve that same person a 1,000-gram portion, add about 100 grams to the average eaten. Because it’s there.

This infographic from Massive Health lays out some of the stark details of why American waistlines are widening:

Portion Distortion Infographic Americas Losing War Against Obesity