Pack Your iPad in an Eco-friendly Handmade Green Sleeve

January 26, 2012 / No Comments

The Greensleeve is a 100% petroleum-free iPad case manufactured with “zero-energy”, from a design company called Gone Studio. After the Gulf Coast oil spill, the founder, Dr. George Elvin, wanted to minimize the use of petroleum products in his designs, so he set out to create a modern, biodegradable case without using any plastic.

greensleeve ipad Pack Your iPad in an Eco friendly Handmade Green Sleeve

And to take it even a step further, no electricity is used in making the Greensleeve, as Gone Studio uses only hand and foot-powered tools and machinery in the process.

Specifically, they use a Singer foot-powered sewing machine from 1935 to manufacture the sleeves in their studio nearIndianapolis. It’s made from 100% pure sheep’s wool felt imported fromGermanyfor comfort, style and security.

You can be sure it’s the most eco-friendly case out there because the manufacturers make each one with no waste and no electricity, using only hand- and foot-powered tools.

The result is a naturally water- and stain-resistant closure for your iPad or iPad 2 with a unique, patented design and the natural durability and light weight of the finest wool.

The easy-open metal snap holds your tablet securely in the soft 1/8-inch thick wool that provides padding and a soft surface against your iPad. Even the back of the snap won’t scratch, because the gadget is covered with natural cork. Inside, your iPad’s headphone jack will be fully accessible.

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and all data/voice transmissions will be available for use. Greensleeve comes with a one-year replacement warranty and is available in colours of either kiwi green or charcoal gray.