Apple iPhone Gets a Green and Tough Outdoor Accessory from Snow Lizard

February 21, 2012 / No Comments

Snow Lizard is a design consultancy that creates a variety of client based products which are thoroughly researched and defined prior to our designers touching a sketch pad. This time around, the company, which operates from located in Park City Utah and Miami Beach Florida, has made it to the top list by making something extremely innovative. The company recently showcased their Aqua Tek S case, made exclusively for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. Significant about the product is that the case features solar powered arrays that are used to boost battery power and provides the device with so much of ruggedness.

aquak tek s Apple iPhone Gets a Green and Tough Outdoor Accessory from Snow Lizard

Though this case will add a substantial bit of bulk to the thin, sleek, and lovely iPhone, users will find it worth the extras. This case will come in signal orange, black night, and urban camo, and will collect sunlight through its back panel to power the iPhone inside.

Owners will be able to access the touchscreen, volume buttons, speakers, and camera with the case fully enclosed. The case will allow the user to drop the phone down a hill if he do so accidentally and it is waterproof up to 20 feet below the surface as well. It is made of tough poly-carbonate with rubber grips to keep it secure in the owner’s hand and in his pocket.

Andreas Haase, the developer behind this tech-gadget accessory was quoted as saying that the iPhone, being a fragile smartphone, made the company to think twice before approving designs for the accessories.

The Aqua Tek S will certainly prove to be a boon to iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S users, as the scare of their mobile getting broken will be completely eliminated with this case.

The company launched the case in a gamut of colors, including black night, urban camo and signal orange. The cases in some other colors, viz. reggae camo, navy camo, desert camo, jungle camo, pink camo and Leopard, are already on the cards.