Be the Change by Supporting the Antarctic Ocean Alliance

March 1, 2012 / No Comments

The Antarctic Ocean Alliance, which includes 16 environmental and conservation organizations like Greenpeace, WWF, and the International Fund for Animal Welfare and the American oceanographer Sylvia Earle, is proposing that 19 areas be set aside as marine protected areas or no-take zones where fishing and mineral exploration are prohibited.

antarctic Be the Change by Supporting the Antarctic Ocean Alliance

Many fisheries scientists argue that such reserves offer the best hope for restoring ecosystems stressed by overfishing, pollution and global warming.

The United Nations members meeting inNagoya,Japan, agreed in October 2010 to set aside 10 percent of the world’s oceans as reserves by 2020 under the Convention on Biological Diversity, a target that all agree remains distant.

This triggered the campaign and in order to address this sad state of affairs, Greenpeace has drawn up an Emergency Oceans Rescue Plan.

The plan is to campaign till it is ensured that the world’s governments live up to their promises and put in place the steps to create a global network of marine reserves.

The alliance states that the Antarctic area is under threat from too much of fishing, as an increasing number of vessels look to exploit its rich seas and fishing by illegal and unregulated vessels is on the rise in some Antarctic areas.

If the proposals are accepted byAntarctica’s governing body later this year, the marine reserve will see no fishing, or explorations in the area enabling a pleasant future for both humans and other species.