Recycled Bicycles Turn Pretty [Video]

April 3, 2012 / No Comments

The bike is the one awesomely simple commuting vehicle ever invented, and indeed it is the most efficient one. As if to rewrite the whole concept of designer bikes, Slovenian phone company Orto has just released a video titled, ‘Making of Orto Bikes’.

Shabby Old Recycled Bicycles Turn Pretty [Video]

‘Making of Orto Bikes’ briefly documents the progression of 20 artists turning 20 tattered cycles into art within a 10-day span.

Of course, the task was accomplished with flying colors. Most of the artists used eccentric designs involving netted designs and even wheels that represented the solar system for making their bike the most gorgeous.

As shown in the video, the artists managed to take on the task and create a line of bicycles that would surely turn heads if driven down any lane and could even secure a place in several galleries. The Making of Orto Bikes video is a must watch for all types of cycle-lovers.

The artists  include 1107, Andraz Tarman, Ajda Fortuna, David Kladnik, Fejzo, Gregor Loz, Grupa, Jaka Neon, Jernej Stibilj, Jurij Lozic, Mina Fina, Nina Vrhovec, Nusa Jelenec, Pos, Rex, Stella (5237/ IE), The Miha Artnak, Tilen Sepic and Vladimir & Vladimir.

These names may not seem familiar to the nerds and techies out there, but these are  the Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerbergs of the design industry.