Japan’s Last Standing Nuclear Station Shuts Down

April 18, 2012 / No Comments

Japan plans to shut down its last nuclear power station next month. As you all know, after the Fukushima Daiichi Power disaster, atomic energy suffered a set back in Japan.

nuclear power  Japan’s Last Standing Nuclear Station Shuts Down

The Fukushima Daiichi power plant went into a meltdown post-tsunami in March 2011. The residents objected to reopen the operators as they lost faith in the government’s nuclear safety policies soon after the disaster.

With the last operating facility has been closed down , it is still uncertain as to when the resumption in operations will happen.

The government will now need to take proper safety measures and regular maintenance at these nuclear facilities following the power crisis set down after Tsunami.

In order to meet power demands, Japan has increased fossil-based fuel production.

Reports say that there can be a shortfall in power during summer and an increase in the electricity prices. Japan will be forced to turn to coal, oil and gas-fired power productions to maintain their electricity demands.

In the meanwhile, US Senator Ron Wyden, a member of the Senate’s energy committee, who visited the nuclear plant in Japan has been quoted as saying safety measures are yet to be strengthened.

According to him, authorities need to take immediate action to prevent more disasters by removing the nuclear fuel from the reactors rods in time.