Atmospheric Ball Gown is Made of Recycled Fishermen’s Jackets

April 26, 2012 / No Comments

Wouldn’t you too love to have the deep blue ocean playing on your attire? A piece of fabric that brings in all the fun of the blue seas on to your ball gown has been designed by Santa Monica-based architects at Minarc.  Significant about the new fabric is that it has been made from recycled fishermen’s jackets and repurposed rubber.

atmospheric dress minarc Atmospheric Ball Gown is Made of Recycled Fishermen’s Jackets

Iceland-based designers Erla Dögg and Tryggvi Thorsteinsson had green and comfort in mind when they gave shape to this garb juxtaposed with waves of satin and tulle. Christened Atmospheric, the gown brings to the fore an interplay of fire and water. The two designers have collaborated with graphic designer Billi Rakov, fashion designer Helga Solrun, and photographer Brandon Klein on the project, thus giving the final touches to the gown.

Dögg, whose father was a fisherman, derived inspiration from the courage and hard work the fisherfolk exhibited while venturing out into the wild seas to create this unique attire.

The Atmospheric gown may be seen as a tribute to the waterproof jackets the Icelandic fishermen wears to protect themselves against the elements while at work. The bright blue shade takes off from the color they depend on to save theor lives while out in the sea.

The Atmospheric gown was auctioned off this March at A+D Museum’s annual event. The eco-friendly line the unique gown touts is something designers need to adopt for the future. What do you have to say?