Electric Bicycle Sales to Touch 47 Million by 2018

May 3, 2012 / 1 Comment

It looks like e-bikes are in for some good times. Pike Research has forecast that electric bicycle sales would touch 47 million by 2018. The prediction has also indicated that a majority of these e-bikes – 42 million to be precise – would be riding to China.

003 terra 7 speed bike electric bicycle  Electric Bicycle Sales to Touch 47 Million by 2018

Pike Research had compiled another prediction that includes electric bikes as well as electric two-wheelers, such as like scooters and electric motorcycles.

The total number of electric two wheelers is expected to reach about 45 million next year, and 65 million in 2018. The total number will cross 50 million by 2014 and for China this will happen by 2015.

Also, we can see that Chinatotally takes over when it comes to Asia-Pacific region. The forecast states that on a cumulative basis, sales in Chinawill reach more than 355 million units by 2018, with cumulative electric two-wheel vehicle sales in Asia Pacific touching more than 381 million units in 2018.

Another prediction is that lead-acid batteries will still dominate for the next few years. This will happen because of their lower cost. Lithium-ion is turning more affordable these days, and so chances exist for these batteries to dominate.