Bring Me Back is Puma Bid to Snip Impact on Environment

May 8, 2012 / No Comments

Puma has come up with a new initiative, something on the lines of recycling of used products. The program is in collaboration with global recycling firm I:CO, and is titled Bring Me Back.

Puma Launches Bring Me Back is Puma Bid to Snip Impact on Environment

Launched in Germany, the program will have recycling bins installed in Puma stores in the country. It aims to collect gently used shoes, clothing, and accessories or whatever used items of the like.

The best part is that they intend to collect these items regardless of its brand or origin. Over 400 criteria are used to sort and grade the items thus collected. The program also assures that no scrap would be left out.

According to Franz Koch, the Puma’s CEO, the company is constantly working on solutions that aim at reducing the environmental impact that Puma as a company leaves behind on this earth.

Through his program, he feels that Puma would be looking to alleviate resources that would otherwise be exploited. The sportswear giant wants to substantially reduce waste and keep it away from forming or transferring into landfill.

As the partners of the program  have said, this is a part of a longer-term goal to develop a closed-cycle loop for the use of raw materials. They have plans to extend the program to additional markets in Germany by October 2012. A global launch is being planned and will take place in January 2013.