Wild Cats Still Face Huge Risk of Poaching in Malaysia

May 18, 2012 / No Comments

Persistent poaching is having damning impact on the wildlife of Malaysia. Despite all the measures taken to conserve its tiger population, poaching continues to threaten the wild cats’ very existence in the country.

Poaching Wild Cats Still Face Huge Risk of Poaching in Malaysia

Malaysia is part of the 12 tiger range countries of the world. Two years back, it  formulated plans to tackle the problems that led to the decrease in its tiger population. In fact, the country had aimed at doubling the tiger population by 2020. It is estimated that there are only 500 tigers alive in the country. This in a country that had as many as 3,000 tigers in 1950s. Today, the tiger population across the world is estimated at 3,200.

Huge demand for tiger parts, which are considered to have medicinal qualities,  in the black market is the reason for heavy poaching. According to MYCAT Tracks, an alliance of tiger conservation groups, many poaching signs and thousands of snares were found, implying the intensity of poaching. Many poachers were arrested too.

In spite of the efforts taken by many organisations and the country’s authorities, the problem of poaching continues unabated.