Latest energy reforms in UK could see consumers paying more for power

May 29, 2012 / No Comments

expensive energy Latest energy reforms in UK could see consumers paying more for powerThe world is indeed well and truly heading towards a massive change when it comes to the power and energy sectors.

Both domestic and business electricity needs are growing at a fast pace and it is essential that changes take place across the globe which ensure that we are able to tackle the growing energy needs in the coming decades.

The latest trend is obviously to go ‘green’ and turn towards both solar energy and wind power in a large scale to offset ones dependence on conventional power sources and fossil fuel deposits.

The latest proposals that are aimed at revamping the power sector in the UK on a grand scale as it attempts to boost ‘low-carbon’ sources and ensures that they have a level playing field alongside traditional power sources. The idea is not just to ensure that there are ample alternate energy sources which will reduce the nation’s dependence on nuclear and fossil fuel sources, but is also to try and promote an eco-conscious future filled with low-emission fuel.

Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has stated that £110bn of investment is necessary in the next decade or so in renewable energy sources, if UK were to achieve its targets and while this is great news both for environmentalists and those who back alternate energy, it might end up leading to a hike in the power tariff which will see consumers paying more in the form of electricity bills.

The proposed changes will apparently place greater strain on domestic energy consumers and while new climate change and energy policies are welcome, they can only be brought in when consumers are assured that the money they spend on energy bills is not wasted by the authorities.

What do you folks think about all these?