7 Tips for Designing an Eco-friendly Bathroom

July 19, 2012 / 2 Comments

While designing a home, a bathroom is not something that we spend much time planning on as most people tend to assume that it more or less is the same no matter which way it is designed. But, you can save both on water and on power bills quite a bit, if you actually paid a bit more attention and got one that offers you a relaxing dip and helps the planet at the same time. Here are 7 tips that will help you in planning for that perfect green bathroom.

eco friendly bathroom 7 Tips for Designing an Eco friendly Bathroom

Power monitoring devices
Go for a composite tool that will monitor all the power consumption in your bathroom. There are many gadgets and devices currently available which will give you a constant feedback on power consumption and how much you need to cut down to get to the ‘green zone’.

Smart energy-saving appliances
Whether it is your heater or your curling iron, monitor and compare the power rating of every appliance that you buy for your bathroom and opt for ones that demand low energy. This is the best way to cut down on power consumption in the long run. Smarter devices make your life a lot easier!

Modern flush that saves on water
Water is obviously the most important component of your bathroom and while you might not be bothered about water consumption since it is ‘right there’ every time you turn on your tap, freshwater is a precious resource. Install modern flushes that save on water by as much as 40 percent when compared to traditional models. A shower head with low flow usage also helps.

Recycled and eco friendly bathroom furniture
Use bathroom furniture like vanities, cupboards, countertops and even the parts that constitute the glass cabinets, which are green and eco friendly. Prefer ones which are organic and not made out of plastic and synthetic material. Biodegradable and chemical-free is the best way forward when you are shopping for bathroom furniture.

Smart LED lighting installations
If you are using plenty of lighting installation to create an ambient atmosphere that suits your taste, then use lighting units that are power-savvy. LED lights are 80 percent more energy efficient than conventional light bulbs and far more dazzling as well. Use smart lighting systems that can dim out when needed and save on power.

Ventilation and gray water recycling
Try and ensure that you recycle and reuse the water that leaves your bathroom wherever possible by installing the deal gray water management units and ensure that there is proper ventilation which keeps your bathroom both hygienic and fresh.

Plan for the future
The best way to go sustainable is to create a bathroom that has great longevity and requires minimum maintenance and next to no remodeling for considerable period of time. Plan well and get exactly what you want for the years to come.