Make a Foot-Powered Washing Machine from Recycled Stuff for Just $4 [Video]

July 20, 2012 / No Comments

Life in the developing world has its own advantages and that include access to clean water, electricity and appliances that make our lives a whole lot comfortable. The conditions are just the opposite in many parts of the developing world where people have to work hard for even the most basic of facilities.

Foot Powered Washing machine 2 Make a Foot Powered Washing Machine from Recycled Stuff for Just $4 [Video]

People living in the rural parts of Africa have to walk for many hours just to get clean water and many such villages do not even have access to electricity, which means basic home appliances are still a dream for the natives.

Keeping this in mind, design students at the Philadelphia University, Aaron Stathum and Eliot Coven, have developed a prototype of a low cost washing machine.

If mass produced, overall cost for one device would be only $4 as it is human powered and doesn’t need electricity. It is made using a simple 5-gallon bucket, a plastic fiber rope, old water pipes, and a neoprene cover.

Foot Powered Washing machine 1 Make a Foot Powered Washing Machine from Recycled Stuff for Just $4 [Video]

To get this device working, the user has to first fill the bucket with clothes, detergent and a little water. Then, close the cover of the bucket. The user will then have to strap in the two loops of the plastic rope onto his or her feet and move his or her legs up and down to bring the bucket into motion.

The user can also take out clothes from the washer and scrub them gently onto the neoprene sleeve to remove tough stains. Once the washing process is over, the user has to simply rewind the plastic rope onto the reel and pull it back with force so that the bucket rotates at high speed, removing the water off the clothes.