Floor Mats from Recycled Marine Ropes

August 1, 2012 / No Comments

This is a story of a reincarnation, which has a green side to it. Used marine ropes pose a huge risk to both humans as well as marine animals as they are usually left in the ocean. One way to avoid such a mess in the oceans is to convert these ropes into some other products.

SerpentSea rugs Floor Mats from Recycled Marine Ropes

That’s exactly what Sophie Aschauer has done. She has created SerpentSea inNew York Citywhere theses aging marine ropes are reincarnated as a lovely collection of hand woven floor mats.

Each of the four designs in the collection of woven mats display the craft of nautical knot tying. These are basically are traditional knots used by sailors for ages for nautical needs as well as decor. And all the four styles in the collection are named in honor of some of the 17th century’s most notorious pirates.

Since nylon is a material that possesses a long life, marine rope is simply the perfect raw material for making floor mats. Nylon makes it a durable, indoor-outdoor product. It is easier to clean as well. Also, several colors could be used on it to make a lovely showpiece.