Apple iPhone Docking Station with Planter

August 20, 2012 / No Comments

It is as cool as it looks. This new iPhone dock attracts more of the environment enthusiasts rather than the gadget freaks, we guess. Dubbed the Bloombox, it is an iPhone or iPod docking station, a planter as well as a sound amplifier, all merged into one.

bloombox Apple iPhone Docking Station with Planter

As you can see in the picture, Bloombox is a hollow square frame. This combination brings two different things together-greenery and gadgets.

Designed by Portlanders Nicholas Hyde and Brennan Conroy, it allows space for plants on the bottom and your iPhone on top.

Even when the iPhone is not plugged in, the docking station can survive on its own. Also, this ceramic structure is an acoustic amplifier for the iOS devices.

Also, as we mentioned above, it has got that elegant looks, it will be a perfect showpiece for the interior of your homes or workplace. You can get it in different colors as well.

Bloombox is available for $50. Want to know more details; head here.