Geoengineers Mull Over Creating Artificial Clouds to Quell Global Warming

August 22, 2012 / No Comments

Global warming is crushing the world in its tight clutches and as an offshoot of this, the US now faces severe problems like harsh droughts and climate change. The nation is now striving hard to find possible solutions to check global warming.

cloud boat Geoengineers Mull Over Creating Artificial Clouds to Quell Global Warming

Wonder what scientists are doing to put a full stop on such irksome effects on the globe? They are in fact delving into the possibilities of using the futuristic ships to trigger salt water to the sky as it will create a shield of clouds which will reflect the sunlight over the ocean. It may appear like a science fiction, well, it is not.

Scientists from theUniversityofWashingtonare ready to take a second look at this unconventional idea of cooling the Earth by artificially producing cloud cover over the ocean. The process is known as ‘marine cloud brightening’.

The process is not that complicated as it appears. The process involves a fleet of ships equipped with sprayers to shoot the salt water into the sky. The process thereby would help create artificial clouds.

The consequent cloud cover could reflect the sunlight back into the space and thus, make the surface of the earth cool.

The act is similar to the formation of contrails in the wake of airplanes. The only difference is that salt will act as a ground for condensation, not particles of engine exhaust.

Atmospheric physicist Rob Wood and his team will initially test marine cloud brightening on a small scale basis, using just 10 ships along a 60 mile stretch of ocean. Hope this new research will help soothe the worries associated with rising temperature.

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