FedEx Ups Emission Reduction Goal by 50%

August 24, 2012 / No Comments

As we all know, FedEx provides transportation, e-commerce and business services to customers. What you might not know is that FedEx has been striving hard to reduce carbon emissions over these years.

FedEx FedEx Ups Emission Reduction Goal by 50%

In 2008, the company announced that it will look to reduce carbon emissions from its aircraft and try to increase the fuel efficacy of its FedEx vehicle fleet by 20% by 2020. In a few years, they have already achieved the goal. So they plan to revise their target.

As per the new aggressive target, they are aiming to increase emission reduction by 50%.

This new decision will make the world’s largest express transportation company to move in an environmentally-aware path.

The decision was made public at the company’s fourth annual Global Citizenship Report.

The company has decided to provide sustainable solutions to its customers. FedEx’s main aim is to link the world in authoritative and resourceful methods.

After their announcement in 2008, they have lowered their aircraft emission by a massive 13.8% and improved fuel efficiency by 16.6%. They think that emission goal of 50% can be an achievable goal.

One of the most accountable eco achievements of FedEx is its Fuel Sense initiative. It upholds the unique approach of Reduce, Replace, Revolutionize to network management.