Lava Carved Stone Furniture to Decorate Your Space

August 24, 2012 / No Comments

Most of us see lava as a dangerously beautiful thing to admire. We love and admire the coal-red beauty of it, but fear to approach it. But, it may not be the case for all.

basalt furniture 3 Lava Carved Stone Furniture to Decorate Your Space

Raimonds Cirulis of Maffam Freeform takes a different approach in this. Maffam Freeform, a Latvian design company, sees that intriguing collection of furniture created out of spun fibers of volcanic rock and natural resin can be amazing.

The black volcanic rock, used for making furniture, is a product of rapidly cooled lava.

basalt furniture 2 Lava Carved Stone Furniture to Decorate Your Space

The fiber of Basalt is three times stronger than steel and its physical and mechanical properties are closely similar to carbon fiber.  The subtext is that everything that is made of fiber is durable. The furniture is made by using a specially-designed machine and adapting previously-used techniques.

It can be used to make stylish and fanciful furniture exclusively for outdoor purposes. The furniture is eco-friendly in the sense that the fibers in the rock can absorb negative environmental electromagnetic radiation. It is also fire resistant.

This marvelous furniture line can give a more stylish and trendy look to your living room.  Basalt fiber yarn is sourced from molten basalt rock by expanding it through the platinum/rhodium alloy spinner.  Basalt is usually used for military and space exploration purposes.

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