Tesla Crossover and Sports Car EVs in 2016

September 14, 2012 / No Comments

Tesla is charting out plans to manufacture a crossover SUV and a new sports car in place of the Roadster. Car enthusiasts, however, will need to wait until 2016 to drive these models. The 2015 $30,000 sedan is the first in line as per the electric car company’s plans.

tesla Tesla Crossover and Sports Car EVs in 2016

Tesla hopes it will attract audience significantly. Musk plans to launch it simultaneously. The crossover SUV will be a challenge to the BMW’s premium compact SUV named X3. It maintains off-road looks without sacrificing on-road performance.

And, in the case of Roadster replacement, it is expected to sport supercar performance without supercar pricing.

Aiming at a satisfying driving experience, the cars are in the works though the names haven’t been officially announced. However, from the previous rumors, we assume the name to be Model E .

During the course of its four-year model run, around 2,300 Tesla Roadsters were sold out. The main goal of Tesla is to produce a low-volume, high-end sports car for the rich. And, that’s not all. A third car named the Model X crossover is anticipated to hit the roads in 2014.