James Cameron Goes Vegan to Save the Planet

October 3, 2012 / No Comments

As part of efforts to make the planet a better place for animals and people, Avatar director James Cameron has turned a vegan, along with his family. For him, it has come as a moral choice to save the planet and the biosphere. We admire celebrities who choose to go vegan and when those like Cameron give up animal products for purely ethical reasons, it becomes all the more admirable.

cam1 James Cameron Goes Vegan to Save the Planet

The health benefits also have an added advantage. Cameron who loves the rainforests may probably know the fact that one of the main contributors to the land destruction is cattle ranching. Trees are cut down to graze the cows.

Animal agriculture is one of the main contributors to greenhouse gases in a way that many trees are cut down to accommodate these animals. Cameron has decided to go vegan for the sake of animals and the large amount of resources spend for them.

We hope that right education will make his family aware of the importance of becoming vegan and will eventually reduce the consumption of animal products.

We are sure that his eco-friendly choice will inspire others to follow his path.