EcoCharge Uses Waste Heat To Charge Your Device

October 4, 2012 / No Comments

Are you familiar with devices that can act as a charging or a cooking gadget at the same time? If you are not, let us tell you there is one such device you should take a look at this one we have here for you.

chargee1 EcoCharge Uses Waste Heat To Charge Your Device

Heat energy can be used to power your phone. But the negative part of it is these chargers are not portable. But, this device will revolutionize your concepts of charging.

The eco charge system is a portable and green solution which gives your phone a quick charge by recycling the heat energy.  This gadget uses thermoelectric generator modules. The brain behind this portable system is Ardavan Mirhosseini.

It will not only sync with your cookware but also with any heat-producing surface. The unit can convert the heat produced from cookware, home-heaters or any other source into power.

The flexible magnetic face attached to any metal surface makes it portable. The device features an OLED display which monitors the transmission efficiency of different surfaces as to inform the users how efficiently their devices are being charged.

The system, which is magnetically attached to the surface, collects waste heat and turns it into useable electricity to charge your phone.

Unfortunately, at present it appears to be a mere concept. It might go functional some day, we hope. Who wouldn’t mind seeing it bloom into a reality, right?