Old School Bus Turns Beautiful Home

October 19, 2012 / No Comments

If you plan to build a house, you may have to undergo many hectic tasks like purchasing land, signing papers and paying utility bills, and all these appear to be too much trouble. Do you think that turning an unused bus into a sweet new home can be a better idea? That’s what wpi Creative did with this old rickety school bus on the west coast. The bus was completely renovated into a beautiful tiny house on wheels.

bus1 Old School Bus Turns Beautiful Home

The house was recently purchased by a young couple living in the Cascade Mountains.

The cozy and stylish interior really makes the ordinary bus an extra ordinary living space. The wooden inner space provides a comfy feeling.

In order to provide warmth in the cold mountain valleys, the bus has a rustic wood-fired stove to make it nice and warmer. If the room turns over heated, you can provide natural ventilation by simple cracking a window.

The timber lining will obstruct external disturbances during travel just like in a boat. The old vehicle is poor in fuel efficiency, so traveling too much in this bus  may not be advisable.

The tradeoff is definitely mobility and the convenience to park it in many enchanting destinations. In addition to this, it is said to have less carbon print than an ordinary home.