Old Tires Recycled to Give Shape to Outdoor Furniture

October 25, 2012 / No Comments

We have seen old useless tires end up in the rivers, backyards and dustbins, and thus creating pollution and environmental hazards. The main obstruction in recycling the tires is that it is very hard to recycle. Worry not. Furniture designer Rene Olivier has come up with a creative way to recycle old tires into useful seating options.

cushion1 Old Tires Recycled to Give Shape to Outdoor Furniture

Olivier was recently selected as the best student furniture designer of the year at the Mixology Awards. She designed these pieces as part of her project for her master’s qualification.  The collection was made public at Design Junction during the London Design Festival. It mainly comprises three pieces and the first among them was a pair of interlocked lorry tires built in different sitting and relaxing positions, and not meant for indoor use.

The weather-resistant furniture, which is meant for more than one person is exclusively for outdoor use. The second one is a straddle seat named ‘Flower Tread’ designed from a single car tire placed with a loose fabric cover. It is designed to create a rocking horse-esque arrangement. The last one, a rocking seat made out of a lorry tire, a detachable metal frame and a cushion, is called the Rock & Roll.

Olivier  encourages customers to use discarded auto parts from their surroundings. The Tire Furniture Collection is on display at the KI showroom in London.