Old Airplane Transformed into Kindergarten

December 10, 2012 / No Comments

Do you want to see one of the coolest classrooms in this world? Come to Georgia. Gari Chapidze, rector of the Institute of Georgian-Ukrainian Social Relations, has turned an old Yak-42 airplane into a kindergarten classroom. He bought a working Yakovlev Yak-42 airplane from Georgian Airways and made it a beautiful kindergarten for the kids to play.

air1 Old Airplane Transformed into Kindergarten

After the purchase for an undisclosed amount, he brought the plane to the city of Rustavi. He altered its interior with house desks and educational toys and left the cockpit untouched for the kids to play with the controls.

He thinks that playing with the controls may boost the kids’ technical capabilities. At present they are having around 20 children and many have been hooked into the waiting list.

According to Chapidze, he had long been thinking of making a kindergarten where children would be hesitant to go home. After much thought, he came up with this Indigo kindergarten. He wanted to develop the technical faculty of the children by arousing their curiosity.

More than 1500 buttons have been installed inside the plane for the kids to pull, push, flick and press to make noises. His desire to create a unique leaning environment has now become the desire of the parents as well.  The airplane kindergarten is a unique idea to help the children to learn with joy.