SheerWind Wind Generator Hopes to Reduce Wind Power Costs

December 13, 2012 / 1 Comment

Wind turbines have long been receiving criticism saying that they are noisy and destroy landscapes and birds.  SheerWind, a wind power startup from Minnesota, has come up with a new type of ducted wind turbine that can bring more output than the traditional wind turbines.

green 11 SheerWind Wind Generator Hopes to Reduce Wind Power Costs

The company has introduced a new system named INVELOX system which has the ability to operate in wind speeds as low as 2 MPH. It is a wind generation system designed to capture, accelerate and concentrate wind power.

With this unique design, the cost of wind power can be reduced to less than 3 cents per KWH. While the traditional wind turbines draw energy with a generator on the top of a mast, the INVELOX system applies a funnel system to harness the wind and makes it pass through a tapering tunnel before entering through a ground-mounted generator.

In addition to this, the system also uses numerous towers to channel the wind into a single generator. The blades used in the turbines by the SheerWind are 80 percent smaller than those used in conventional turbines.

Another advantage of SheerWind is its smaller, ground-based turbines. The ground-based turbines can significantly reduce installation and maintenance costs.

SheerWind was awarded the Cleantech Open’s North Central Region Sustainability Award for the INVELOX.