Apple Developing Wind Tech to Generate and Store Heat

January 3, 2013 / No Comments

If you have been thinking that Apple’s area of activities center’s around the computer and mobile technologies, think again! The Cupertino company is working on bringing to the fore about innovations in other fields too.

APple Apple Developing Wind Tech to Generate and Store Heat

Apple has turned towards renewable energy and it claims they can be the best at activities like storing wind power as heat, and then releasing it on demand to generate electricity.

The tech giant has always been one step ahead of others in bringing up new ideas and designs to life. A patent design for “On-Demand Generation of Electricity from Stored Wind Energy” was filed by the company in June 2011. If everything works out as planned, the new technology might even solve the supply and demand disparities in wind power.

Wind speeds aren’t constant throughout the day and that limits the amount of energy we can tap from wind energy. But one of the big hurdles has been related to developing efficient ways of storing energy that is being generated by the turbines.

And thanks to Apple, the world will now be able to generate electricity on demand by converting rotational energy into heat, which can be then stored and later used to generate electricity on demand. First the heat generated is stored in a “low-heat-capacity” fluid, and finally, when there is a need to generate electricity, the heat is transferred to a different fluid that helps electricity generation.

An Apple insider says that the heat is actually generated by the friction between blades on the rotor shaft, and the accumulated thermal energy is stored and later put to use.