First Ever Wireless Fast Charging Technology Unveiled

January 4, 2013 / No Comments

Endesa, a utility giant in Spain, has unveiled the first wireless fast charging technology for electric vehicles. Working together with research centre Fundación CIRCE, Endesa has developed this fast charging system that can recharge batteries in around 15 minutes. This wireless charging system is based on inductive technology, where energy is transferred between a charging pole and an on-board receiver by way of electromagnetic waves.

endesa First Ever Wireless Fast Charging Technology Unveiled

The system connects wirelessly, transfers energy and stops automatically once the vehicle is charged completely. The installation of the charging device is very easy and can be placed in any location. The system offers protection against unfavorable climate conditions too.

The charger can detect the vehicle, even when the vehicle is 30% away from the charging system. Therefore vehicles need not be exactly positioned above the charging coil. And most importantly, drivers can stay inside the vehicle at the time of charging.

This wireless fast charging station is believed to be safe and will keep emissions under permitted limits. The system is developed to transfer 50Kw of power.

If the system succeeds, the company looks to adapt this wireless charging  technology for different vehicles in different spots including bus stops and terminals.

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