Voltmaker is a Kinetic Energy Charger For Gadgets

January 31, 2013 / No Comments

Every gadget often faces the issue of batteries drying up when it is most needed. No need to worry anymore. Even if you are away from your plug-in charger, you will now be able to charge your smartphone or tablet with a small pocket device that has now arrived on the tech horizon.

voltmaker Voltmaker is a Kinetic Energy Charger For Gadgets

Research has been on to develop a device that would help in the steady flow of power in gadgets. And scientists have come up with the renewable energy charger for portable gadgets – The Voltmaker.

The Voltmaker is a novel and rapid energy generator that produces usable electricity with the help of kinetic energy. The Voltmaker has an arm and when you give it a whirl, the kinetic energy exerted on it will generate renewable energy and you can charge your gadgets any time.

The device is small and compact and is easily portable. It also helps to save a proportionate part of energy which is wasted while charging gadgets.